Related and Non related News

Look the notice board change:


wonder why

In other news there is a new snow and sport shop catalog today, here are the cheats!


Click on the Climbing Wall to get the Rock Climbing Gear.


Click on the surfboard, shell, and starfish in order to get the silver surfboard!

Also in nonrelated news my membership expired and I cant buy another one(sigh).


there’s a new pin on the top of the lighthouse

Sports Catalog update!

A brand new Snow and Sports catalog comes out on Friday here’s a sneak peek the one on the left looks like a rock climbing wall!


Make sure to check out my site for the latest cheats when it is released!

E-Mail me for help

ok guys if you need help just email me at this will be the email you will email for recomendations and stuff

new pin

If you didn’t see it, there is taco pin at the snow fort


Hi guys the fiesta party is today! there is one free item it is a mini sombrero and here are some pics of the party rooms:


and you met my assistant cooltown3 he is in my school so we can discuss what we should post um also you heard about the movie being postponed so ya…oh and if you didnt know when dancing in the game dance contest when you get to “difficulty” section click on candence face to do expert mode i warn you it is hard i went up into the hundreds though here is a tip dont go for the bonuses

It’s cooltown3!

They this cooltown3 and i the new helper here and I will try to do the best I can do. Also if you have any tips for me send it. Thanks