Sports catolog cheat and…plants?

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released many new things today, so lets start with the Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats!

Click on the soccerball to get the green soccer uniform.

green soccer form

You can now see the Card Jitsu Updates in the Dojo. The updates allow you to see how far you are from getting a new belt!

card jitsu

Finally, new igloo music has been released. The new tunes are in bold in the picture below!


Also if you look at the beach Rockhopper plants are like invading the beach.Lets wait untill 12th June* to see what happens


*(Spoiler alert! Club Penguin has planned an adventure party on Club Penguin but they haven’t announced it yet!)

New backgrounds and more!

Hey everyone!

I just meet rockhopper and I wanted to tell you he is giving out a new background!

Here is how Rockhopper looks like now:

Rh new

And here is how his free background looks like:

Rh new 2


Club Penguin realised its brand new language server! The Spanish server!



Those are the servers you can actually go in!

I think they should have made this server by first,Spanish is used in a lot of America’s countries.

The server is not really popular,but it will be soon because it was just released!


I recommend you search in: Frozen,Mammoth,Matternhorn,Abominable,Parka and White Out,He will possibly be there. If a non popular server goes really popular it means rockhopper is on it! Also check first on the beach because if its really crowded he might be there or cove or Iceberg.

The new pin can be found at the pizza parlor, it’s an Ice Cream Sundae.

Rockhopper is back and this time he brought the following items.


The free item for us non-members is the background .

I guess Rockhopper really likes his plants and he wanted to share them with us like the time. Rockhopper said the plants are his and i think that he got them from Rockhopper island dont you think so?


Hey There evreyone Galileo Yu here!

I just heard that if you make a cool mix up of medievel and ninja costume the cp people will give you 5000 coins

click here to see puffypowder23’s cool medievel ninja mix up!

Furniture Catalog

Hey Everyone Galileo Yu here!

Club Penguin released a new furniture catalog today and much more, here are the cheats.

Click on the Medieval Banner to get the Knight Ice Sculpture.

medieval banner

Click on the Poodle  Plant to get the Wheelbarrow.


Click on the Vegetable Garden to get the Picket Fence.


Finally, click on the Electric Guitar Showbox to get the Disco Ball.


Good news, Rockhopper is visible threw the telescope! I wonder what has happened to his ship?

There are palm trees, vines (snakes maybe?), and who knows?

comin rh

Also, if you go to the gift shop and click on a scroll looking like the one in this picture, you will get a knights clothing catalog!!


 What  do you think happened to Rockhopper’s Ship? Comment here to awnswer this question!

Exclusive background!

I got a tip from one of my friends that whent to disney world that when you take a picture with rockhopper they will give you a coin code in which you get a background with rockhopper and Bambedde (is that how to spell his name? and sorry no pick the guy who told the tip to me used it not knowing it is one time use only) so ya and if  you people dont know if you where only the ghost costume and flashlight and dance you glow

Quest cheats

Hey, penguins! Today there is the Medieval Party out! Look! At first, go at the town and click at the sign saying: “KNIGHTS NEEDED!”

cheat pic 1

Then, it will get you to the cave (pool). Now go and click at the cell. It will take you to the stage 1, where you must light up all the orbs. Look how it’s done:

cheat pic 2

Then, when you light all 5 lights, you can go to the stage 2. Simply hit 50 of the targets. There will be also a free item:

cheat pic 3

Next, go to the third stage. You must pass through the maze, but at the start, there will be again a free item:

cheat pic 4

Then, follow these steps to pass the maze:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

And, when you finish, you will be found at the final room, that there is again a free item (!) :

cheat pic 5

Well, that were all the cheats of the medieval party! (oh and I got the pics from random sites)

Medivial Party

Hey everyone!The medieval party is out with a free item and a new pin!

The free item is the wizard hat! (Returned back)

And the new pin is the crown pin and it’s hiden at the boiler room!

Crown pin 2

There is also a dragon at the mine shack! You can control it with the Switchbox 3000

I guess cp didnt realise the switchbox is in two places at the same time :D

There is also a new room at the forest which will be only available during the party! I suggest you check it out!


The new play at the stage is Haunting of the viking Opera

A new newspaper is out and let’s see what’s important on it


Don’t forget the medieval party is coming up tommorow!


The misterious play will be about vikings! It’ll be called The Haunting of the viking opera!

These are the current events:

May 8-17

Medieval party begins

New stage play

New pin

May 15

New better igloos catalog

May 21

New pin