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Rockhopper will be in Disney World, Florida on April 30 – May 13th. He will be in the Hollywood Studios park, which is one of 5 massive theme parks in Disney World! Use this map to find him:


I was at Disney World last summer, so let me give you a few tips about it:

  1. You will probably be able to find a more detailed map of the Hollywood Studios park when you get there, which should give you a more accurate location of Rockhopper.
  2. Don’t be intimidated by a long line of people getting their picture with him, the line moves fast!
  3. Because of all it’s concrete, Hollywood Studios is the hottest theme park in Disney World. Make sure to buy lots of water! The second you get there, I recommend buying one of those water bottle things that also has a fan on it and squirts water.
  4. Make sure to go on the Hollywood Tower of Terror! It’s awesome!
  5. Oh, and don’t miss the water parks either, while you’re there. They’re really sweet!

Club penguin is out with new toboggans! Check out the Ski Hill to buy your toboggan for 300 coins.


For those who are non-members and don’t know what they look like, here is a picture.


And the current pin is the Tree pin,which is located at the Dojo Courtyard



Club Penguin announced that they will be paying you 250coins a month if you are a secret agent or a tour guide or 500 coins if you are both. All you have to do to get these coins is log on once during the month! They are basically giving you free coins. They want you to give tours of Club Penguin for them and do Secret Agent missions but they are not required to get the 500 coins! You will be payed once a month.


A new furniture catalog came out today, here are the cheats!

Click the bottom bush of the poodle plant for the wheelbarrow.


Click the right corn plant in the garden for the picket fence.


Click the electric guitar shadow box for a disco ball.


Click the word “puffle” for the white puffle poster.


Click the water in the koi pond for an ice table.


Click the pinata for an aquarium.


That is all the hidden items for this catalog! I will be posting everyday this weekend so don

New Author

Hi everyone galileoyu here just saying that we have a new author CPMario he will be in charge of the cheat section if you have anything to ask him comment on the cheat page if you have any problems with him pls tell me so i will be updating the website tomorrow i have to study for my California State Test it is very frustrating for the past week or so we had to cram a months worth of teaching into two weeks because our books are very bad they give wrong answers and then they expect us to do something on a test which isnt even in the book!

Sheesh! Anyway CpMario will do the Cheat Section of the website

                                                                                                          Galileo Yu

Easter Hunt

Hey Everyone!!

Club Penguin released a new stage today along with the Easter Egg Hunt, and the Chocolate Bunny pin, here are the cheats.

The first egg is a Dance Star, and you can get it at the Town after you click on one of the Dance Lights on the Night Club.

The second easter egg is at the Cove in the Water.

The third Easter Egg hidden is located in the Mine. To get it, scroll your mouse over the Cart Surfer hole.

The fourth easter egg is located Outside of the Dojo.

The fifth egg is located inside the Gift Shop. You can get it after you click on the fur hat.

The sixth easter egg is located inside of the Ski Lodge.

The seventh easter egg is located on top of the Ski Mountain! You can get it by clicking on top of where the sign is pointing in all sorts of directions.

Finally, the last easter egg is located in the Beacon! To get it, turn off the Lighthouse light using the On/Off switch.

When you have completed the Easter Egg hunt, you will get the Pink Bunny Ears! Unfortunetly, Club Penguin cannot go very long without returning an old item.

The new pin is a Chocolate Rabbit and is located in the Forest!

sorry i have no photos

The april fools party

Hey Everyone sorry i didnt post for a long time that conficker virus that was realesed on april fools day was destroying my computer so i asked my friend to fix it but it took to long and also some other virus was infecting my cp before conficker any way lets stop talking about my computer and on with the cheats!

The April Fools Day Party was released on Club Penguin today, here are the cheats!

The free item that was returned from the April Fools Day Party two years ago is the Blue Levitation hat and you can get it at the Mine!


Unfortunetly i dont have a pic for that You can also go to the Box Store, you can get to it by going to the Snow Forts.


you can throw snowballs at the canvas and pictures will appear if you throw them long enough and this is from um paintboy’s site because of that conficker virus erased my converter  but that picture is a picture of the Box Room! Pretty cool right? You can also buy some boxes in the Box Room. Here is what you can buy.



If you use the Portal Box as an item for your igloo, and then you step into it, you will get to teleport to the Box dimention it kinda reminds me of the distortion world from pokemon platinum(which by the way i finished when my friend was fixing the computer)!