Membership Contest is Closed! and winner is announced!

Ok the winner of the 6 month membership is… AgentG725!  congrats now i will tell you the people who had almost got them all right and those that tied with AgentG725 I sent AgentG725 the code so you should recieve it thanks for joining the contest!

People who tied:


People who came close only had one wrong:








and those are the entries all the people got one wrong answer and only two got all answers correct so congrats to everyone who joined!

-Galileo Yu

Membership Contest Update! (update It is closed)

Ok the Membership contest ends tommorow so get your answers in!

Membership Contest Update! (closed)

ok so some people has been sending in their answers and only one has been right so i will extend the contest until next friday (note some people are trying to bribe me and i dont like anyone to bribe me it isnt fair to everyone so any one who bribes me is discualified)

Membership Contest! (Continued) (closed)

Ok to give more detail in case you missed it I will post all the names who got the things right I will send the code to the winner also pls comment the answers i will remove them so nobody will copy them i will put all the peoples names into a hat and pick one out randomly and that is all you need to know.

Membership Contest! (closed)

Ok everyone I am giving away a 6 month membership! Here is the prize!:

If you can tell me what place this is:


and also tell me 6 things that is wrong with this (some are hard others are very easy. Do not mind the words reaconverter they always put that label when i am converting pictures also comment here and all answers will be removed so nobody will copy them. I will put all the peoples name into a hat and draw them randomly):



Good Luck and Waddle On!

-Galileo Yu