Changes to the Safe Chat Phases!

 Realize this then i was browsing the safe chat uhh… words and noticed numbers and said it then all these people were wondering a bout it so i told them to visit here of corse without the .  Here’s How To Do This Cheat.

  1. Open the safe chat list on Club Penguin.
  2. Click Game > Hide and Seek
  3. You will see the numbers!

Now, Go to a popular sever such as Frozen or Mammoth! Do this cheat and I am almost certain you will get a crowd! Unless they know how to do this

Check This Out, Club Penguin Removed the clock on the safe chat list! I think this maybe because some penguins were saying there ages/address (if they are smart and use latitude and longitude) with this clock! (All the penguins make codes with words or say something like jiberish but will say hello my name is Jonathan [My name is NOT Jonathan that is my brothers name] and I am 10 years old (I am Not! 10 ) )Anyway, Its Been Removed. It May come back like the heart did!


I didn’t really use the clock times that much! But, its kinda mean to all those safe chat people who feel the need to shout the time!

Custom Banner Contest!

Hello Everyone!

I am holding a contest for a custom banner for this site! Here are the rules:

It must contain the words “Galileoyu’s Club Penguin Cheats, Glitches, Tips, and Guides”

and i must have a picture of me i will get a picture as soon as possible

Club Penguin Series 4 Toys ARE OUT!!!

Hey Everyone its digo900 I found that the Club Penguin Toys Series 4 are out click on the link below !
More Info Coming Soon

New Igloo Music and Pin!

Hey everyone!

Cp just realesed the new pin and igloo music. The new music are:

Keyster Jam

Rocking Pizza (?)

All-Access Pass

and Rocksteady

for the new pin just look there

<—- also i smaell a water party…

-Galileo Yu

Series 4 Treature Book?!

Hello Everyone!

Uh I was on youtube and foun this guy who was unlocking a series 4 treasure book you can see here:

I am not sure this is a hundred percent real but i did see a series 4 puffle i wanted to buy it but i had no money on me (why doesn’t my dad let me bring money?) but enjoy it i guess and if you stumble across a series 4 puffle comment here!

New Servers! and other post Music Jam stuff

Hey Everyone!

I was on Club Penguin today and came across new servers on Club Penguin!

new s

Most of them are safe chat servers and some old servers are also now safe chat servers.

Also Happy77 interviewed screenhog you can see the inter view here they also gave you a sheet of music for you to play at home maybe i will use it for my piano (or is it an Organ?) it can play music like different instruments like trumpet or an orchestra etc. also you can get new igloo music on Friday!

-Galileo Yu

Music Jam Unofficialy Continues!

Hello Everyone!

Music Jam Is officialy over but starting next week you will be able to play certain instruments in the lighthouse! 

instruments with sound and music jam music in your igloo

Also if you have any audio equipment in your igloo (stereos, Juke Box, Stereo System, etc.) you will be able to hear and play music from The Music Jam party in your igloo So Music Jam maybe Officially over but Music Jam still continues closer then you may think…(why did i say that?)

-Galileo Yu