Puffle Party and other things…

Hey Everyone!

Now Non members can enjoy CP fun! Go buy a flag pin! and to Philipinos like me can buy the phillipine flag ya!

Yay! CP finally updated the “Play Now” Page! Here is the thing I got!
Isnt it cool? Yeah! And look at that Box-like puffle. I think thats a new puffle wash item! Dont you?

Here is the cool stuff that Member’s and NON members will get to  be a part of this month!

Do this to get to the Penguin style Cheats and you will be in total luck.

Step1: Go to the Town
Step2:Go inside the Gift Shop
Step3:Click the Catalog book
Step4.5:Or go to the booth.

Here is how you can find the first cheat:

Step5:Go click yourself to the third page

Step6:Then, Click on the two treetops and the mountain top.

Now you have the Brunette hair and the Purple Spring Dress cheat.

Cool! Now you got the Pastel Suede Jacket cheat.

Awesome! Now you found the Pom Pom scarf Cheat.

To find the other cheat, do this.

Step7: Go to the seventh page
Step8:Click the Snowman’s nose.

Super! Now you got the Pink Snorkel Cheat.

Heres how to find the next cheat.

Step9: Stay on the same page
Step10:Now click the Snow Man’s top-hat.

Yay! You got the Jade Necklace cheat!

Here is how you can get the next cheat

Step11: Stay on Page 4
Step12:Click the mountain top.

Rad! You got the Pink flippers cheat!

Here is how to find the next cheat.

Step13:Go to page 5
Step14:Click on the bigger bubble by the fish.

Bazooza! You got the Red Viking Helmet cheat

And If you click the Bubble 4 times you get the Super Rare Blue Viking Helmet cheat

Here is how you get the next cheat.

Step15:Go to page six.
Step16:Click on the coins for change bucket.

Congratz! You found the Stocking cap cheat.

Here is how you find the next cheat

Step17:Click on the 7th page.
Step18:Click on the treetop to the very left corner.

Coolio! You just found the Red Long Johns Cheat.

And Club Penguin is doing some really good work for the puffle party. Check this out!

Yeah. They Updated the sign On page. Cool!!

Now you know the Latest Catalog cheats. And Come back soon for more Puffle Party Updates

P.S. Ive been trying diffrerent writing styles to see which one i like the best so any suggestions will be nice

-Galileo Yu

New Club Penguin Books

Hey Guys!

Its me Cooltown3 havent posted in a year 😦

Anyway Club Penguin released new books:

 Here are the links for them:

Club Penguin Poster Book

The Great Puffle Switch

Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl: Heroes Unite

The Ultimate official Guide to Club Penguin: Volume 2

Party Time,  All the Time!

That are the new books coming out so I am signing off.