New Sports Catalog!

A new Snow and Sports catalog was released, so head on to the Sports Shop to buy the new items.


Click on the flame surfboard, then the sea shell, and then the starfish to get the silver surfboard.


Click the ‘N’ in furniture to get the pommel horse.


There is also a new postcard but I cant get the pic because I am Having trouble with the converter. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

So I postponed my party last week so now here is the new invatation:



And Sensei talks about his jorney and wanting to eat turkey:


and aunt artic talks about the enviorment:


Club Penguin Elite Force!

Sorry I didn’t post for a long time but I got great news My aunt bought me Club Penguin Elite Force! if yu enter the code you get ascess see:


Card Jitsu

It is back up and running and I can finnaly go on low bar servers

Party Update

Since almost all the servers are down I will have to postpone the party to next saturday sorry everyone

Card Jitsu is not working!

Hello everyone Card Jitsu is not working I have contacted Club Penguin for info but they havent replied yet check in later and here is a poll:



Here is my party invetation: