New Postcards for Penguin Mail

Today also with all the updates for club penguin the penguin mail postcards were once updated heres the new ones:

Happy new year card

Look at the stamp lol it’s not straight and it’s not even april fools……

Hockey Card

just in time for the hockey season


and of course the updated can’t be complete without a few glitches lol


Glitch Postcards

The hockey card says “Season’s greeting” lol

Waddle ON!


My title

page contents

New Pin!!! Party Favors Newspaper

1. open your map on the ski hill

3. then click the party favor pin




Party Favors Pin

And the you have Check out the newspaper Aunt Artic’s New years Resolution

Aunt Artic's New Year Resolution

Hapy New year Message from CP

Upcoming Events

Me and Firework Puffle


And an Early Happy new years!

Waddle ON!



Field Op 29 !!!!

Heres how to complete the latest club penguin field op #29

Step 1.Click on your spy gadget

step “go there”

step field op board

step 4. Click “Accept field op”

Field Op 29

Step your map

Step 6.go to forrest

step 7. Go up to the hidden lake go to the old aqua grabber your spy gadget should turn green

step up your spy gadget and complete the puzzle

Aqua Graber Field Op

Tada your done if you’re a menber then you can earn a piece of clothing if you’re a nonmenber you might have earn the elite protector stamp!

Waddle On!


Ruby and the Ruby is Back On Stage!

Ruby and The Ruby

Ruby and the Ruby is Back

Here is how you get the Ruby Pin

1.Go to the Stage

2.Click the following in the order it is

File Case->Lamp->Book->Trash Can->Flower vase->Big Picture

Ruby and the Ruby Pin

Ruby Brooch

Tada You have the new Ruby Pin!

Heres the Catalog Cheats:

1.Go to Stage

2.Open up the Stage Catalog

3.Go to the 4 or 3rd page

4.Click on the door Knob

And there you get the Secret Cloak

Ruby Catalog Secrets

Noir Background Cheat

1.Go to Stage

2.Open the Stage Catalog

3.Go to the last page of the catalog

4.Drag the box “How do I earn Coins?” Down

5.Click on the background

Drag Background

And There you go now you have the Secret noir Background

Noir Background



Sensei’s Amulet?

Hey everyone,

I was earning my water ninja costume and my fire costume when I saw this thing hanging around sensei’s neck look

Rocks Sensei Thing

Fire Sensei see that rock circle thing sensei has a completely diferent one of is that the gem for the Snow Ninja???(I know this for a fact that next year some time CP should released Snow Ninja It’s obious we might have a “BIG” Snow Storm and coincidentaly sensei is now teaching snow ninjas”)

Sensei's Amulet

Water Sensei

See that brown string hanging around him and once again that mysterious most likely to be a gem (maybea the snow ninja gem)

Comment Below to tell me what do you think it is

Waddle On! (yes Lee337 is you click on it it will tell you about how sensei earn his Fire Ninja Outfit it depends if if your on the water version or fire on)


Games that Have Lots of glitches and bugs

Hello Everyone!

I found many games in CP that have lots of bugs one of my top one is

Dance Contest

Heres a pic of what mostly I get what I try to play Multiplayer mode


Candace Epic fail 


And mostly it only lets you compete in the song “Patrick’s jig” wich isn’t really that good to dance to.  and it’s funny “epic failed” what kind of language is that!


commen below if you have any problems with games I’ll post more glitches with games’

until then WADDLE ON!!


Club Penguin 2011 Events Leaked

Credit To Mondo912

Heres a Pic


CP Leaks

Heres the list


1. Brown Puffle released 

2. 1 Phone phase 1.a

3.Parent Pa Beta Test

4.EPF System Deffender

5.Help Station

6.Translated Book games

7.Expedition Party



1.Puffle Party

2.St. Patricks Day Party???

3.Iphone Phase 1.b


I’ll post more later Of you could just look at the pic if you can’t wait