Hey the Puffle Rescue game came out!!! Wooohoo!!!

It’s Basicly Like Thin Ice but the ice floor moves you need to walk to the puffle and walk back to where you started. There 3 leves the other 2 are only menbers (sorry nonmenbers)


Cave is back Open and go to the hidden lake and you’ll find this riddle

Basicly you find the shadow of a octopus and go on the big bubbles so you can get the key Good luck

-Digo900 PS PARTY CANCEL SORRY (follow me on twitter )

QUicky PArty!!!

Hey Everyone I am hosting a Quicky Party Right now

Sever: Yeti
Place: Menber Igloo on map Coroline11

And please get, more people to visit this site the stats are low for this month lets close this month with LOTS OF VISITORS VISITING!!!!!!!

New headed!

I am going to upload a new heading for St. patricks day here how it looks like!

But I can’t seem to find were i Upload the heading ……………………………..

G is you read this try to find the Heading Uploader thanks

-Digo900 (follow m on twitter )

New Contest Cp Treasure Coin Codes Series ? ~(i am back online!)

Hey  everyone,

It’s me Digo900

I know i haven’t been postin cp news and other stuff ’cause of schoz  (the state test pre has started)  I  was bessier than ever but now i found a way to post and go online .

On to other news…………………


for a coin code ps i won’t tell you what sires !!!

Hope this will make up for my absent….

now you have to get this Riddle right this one is Tricky!!!!

Here it is:

A boy and his dad go for a drive. Unfotably they  get into a car acciddent. The boy’s dad dies .  The doctor saves the boy from death . The boy is also the Doctor’s son.

How is that Possible??

Think outside the Box!

-Digo900 (follow me on Twettir)

Club Penguin Puffle Rescue and Better Igloos Catolog!

Hey Everyone

This is a pic from the Club Penguin Puffle Rescue!

Thats a pic from the Club Penguin Puffle Rescue! Thats the new game which is gonna come out on Monday! Tell me what else you think the game is gonna have. Besides the sharks. What do you think will happen in the game? Do you think its connected to the upcoming new mission11? I think the puffle is doing great on that island in the picture. Dont you think? 

Check that out! That is the official Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS case! I think I’ll get one in June! Thats when the game releases! The official release date is the 7th. But I think I can get it quite early…hint, hint nudge, nudge

Pretty Cool Huh?

HERE IS VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: Due to the VOTE TAKEN by my Australian fans, I have post-poned the date Of my party to Tuesday!

Here is how you can find the newest pin cheat! The Boot Buckle Pin!
Step1.Go to the Night Club
Step2.Go upstairs.
Step3.Click on the Boot Buckle pin.
Step4.Now Click on “Yes”

Now you have the Boot Buckle pin!

Here is the new better igloos catolog 

Here is how to find the first cheat in the catalog:

Step1.Go to your igloo
Step2.Click on the edit igloo icon
Step3.Click on the furniture catalog.
Step4.Click on the tree stump.

Now you have the Clover Balloon Cheat!

Here is how you find the next cheat:

Step5.Stay on the same page.
Step6.Click on the stone thing on the Wishing Well.

You now have the Clover Garland Cheat!
Here is how to find the next cheat in the catalog:
Step7.Go to page 2.
Step8.Click on the Mail Box.
You now have the Blue Lamp Cheat!

And those were all the newest cheats for the catalog!

Thats all of it hope this helps!

P.S. I just took my Oxford Acadamy entrance exam wish me luck that i passed.

P.S.S. Pokemon H.H. and S.S. is released tommorow!

-Galileo Yu

10,000 hits party and Galileo Yu’s 1000 days party!

Hi Penguins!

Just so you know a party is coming up for these events official invitation is coming out in two weeks or less so be prepared! Remember we will be taking photos and giving postcards and best of all someone will get a free membership chosen from random!

Please “Bear” with me on this long post about theories and other things

Hey Everyone!

This is a long post so please “Bear” with me

Happy77 is a Club Penguin Moderator! And she interviewed a toy specialist on the team! Here is the stuff:

Q: The orange puffle seems pretty loved. But what else is new?
A: The newest toys are some 9″ stuffed toy penguins – there are a few different ones – including Rockhopper!

Q: Where can we get them?
A: They’ll be in Disneyland Resort in California and at Walt Disney World, Florida really soon – and the team’s working hard to get them in more places, too – like in Disney Stores and at the CP Online Shop. Keep checking those places. Also, each one comes with a code to unlock items online. And we’ve updated the Treasure Book!

Q: What should we do if we have toy ideas?
A: Give us all your feedback. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see in the future!

A “Save The Puffles” game is coming to Club Penguin really soon! Check out this sneak peek banner:

So I was right! The new game is going to be about puffles! AND Im also sure Herbert is up to no good too!

I have no idea when this is gonna come out but I’ll find it out soon!

And who remembers last year’s Club Penguin Adventure party? Remember the weird desk at the mine? Check this out.
Strange isnt it? Do you think Herbert is luring the puffles into the cave? Did he use the trees in the box dimension and did he harvest all the O berries? And what happened to the puffles?

Looks the same area….

We all know that Yarr is missing right? And you also know that Rockhopper wants us to play the hide-and-seek game with Yarr right? But have you noticed any other missing Puffles beside Yarr?Now Check out the night club. Which one of you has noticed that the green Puffle isnt there anymore?

And did you also check out the stage!? There is no yellow Puffle there anymore. I think its at the cave:


I really think that this may be the works of the new upcoming Club Penguin game that I think would be at the cave.

And I know alot of you are coming up with this theory. I was inspired. So tell me what you think is going on! 

Rockhopper is back again! And this time he brought us a cool new free background! Here are the cool items he got for us!

Wow. Those are really old items! And look at the background! Its from that hidden cave! And hidden cave eh? Whats going on there? Do you know whats going on there? Something weird is happening and I think it has something to do with puffles. Dont you?

Here are the hidden catalog cheats for this months catalog!

Do this to get the cheats.

Step1.Go to the Gift Shop
Step2.Click on the Catalog.

Here is what you have to do to find the first clothing catalog cheat.

Step3.Go to page 1.
Step4.Click on the water bottle.

Now you got the Dazzling Blue Top Hat Cheat!

Here is how you find the next cheat

Step5.Stay on page one
Step6.Click on the cup on the very top of the 4 cups.

Now you got the Top Hat!

Here is how you find the next cheat!

Step7.Go to page 4
Step8.Click on the red light!

Cool Now you have the  The Dazzling blue Tux

Today A new Club Penguin Clothing Catalogue is out,and Here are the Cheats!

Pom Pom Scarf:

Click on the Top of the Tree at the Right

Purple Spring Dress & The brunette:

Click on the Top of the Tree at the Left

Pastel Suede Jacket:

Click on the Top of the Snowed Mountain:

Pink Snorkel:

Click on the Snowman’s Nose

Jade Necklace:

Click on the Top Hat of the Snowman:

Pink Flippers:

Click on the Top of the Right Mountain:

Red/Blue Viking Helmet:

Click the Bubble at the Right of the Goldfish. Open and Close it 4 times to get the Secret Blue Viking Helmet:

Cool Club penguin just updated their toys page! Check it out:

Wanna know where to find where your favourite Club Penguin toys are in your area? Click the new Where to Buy Button!

If you live somewhere else, then click the Change Location button.

Now you can click on your current area location.

Awesome change! This makes it easier to find your favourite Club Penguin Toys! Tell me what you think about this groovy update.

Yeah. You can check this out on the Membership page on the Club Penguin site! Check out the sweetapalooza stuff coming this month! We are going to meet Aunt Arctic and Cadence backstage at a backstage party in the PPA 2010! And as Billybob also said in his blog post a few days ago, a new game with cool and exciting levels! And a new mysterious secret room is to be unlocked this month too. Hmm, I wonder what could be going on.

Thank you for baring with me for a long post!

-Galileo Yu