Movie Deylayed :'(

Hey Everyone

Sad news for ya nobody showed up for the movie shoot so it is now being put off until i can organize a cast so ya nobody showed up uh i think hmm…

-Galileo yu

August Sport Catolog and Pin

Hey Everyone

I wan to start off by showing the new club penguin satart up page:

New start up page

And the Sports Catalog:


No cheats…but arent the green sports gear supposed to be secret items maybe club penguin realized that the tention between the red and blue team are so great they need another major team… the green team to even the tention

anyway what else…oh ya i just want to tell you the date of the movie shoot :

Day: Saturday August 29
Server: Down Under (if full Icebound)
Time: 5:00 Club Penguin Standard Time
Place: Town (I will ask you to befriend me so we can talk in my house)

also the pin is at the cove also pls comment below if you can make it

Movie Shoot Coming!

Hey Everyone!

I am so happy you know why? Because we are gonna start shooting Movie #1 yup I finnaly finished the preporations for the movie and i am asking everyone who registerd for the movie to come on in club penguin and i will pick the cast there ok so if you see us shooting you can help us by being extras and walk past or something so pls be there i will send out an email for the people who registered

Fall Fair!!!

Hey Everyone!

Here are the upcoming evnets:

upcoming events 8-26-09

The play Penguins Forgot “Penguins that time forgot” is back!

One of the great parties in CP is coming with lots of free items, it’s the Fall Fair, It will be ariving on September 4:

upcoming events pic 4 8-26-09

Rockhopper is coming to the Island, you can see him in the telescope too:

upcoming events pic 2 8-26-09

upcoming events pic 3 8-26-09

Well I guess that is one good thing of lowering the island so that rockhopper can visit imagine rockhopper in a flying ship lol!

-Galileo Yu

Happy77 Sports Catolog Interview!

Hey Everyone!

An interview abou the sports catolog was just realesed (I edited in stuff that are in parenthisis) look:

Greetings Penguins!

We’re excited that Friday is just around the corner because there’s a brand new Snow & Sport catalog that’ll be released in the Sport Shop. I wanted to know a bit more about that catalog so I asked someone who works on it. Here goes:

How often do you make a new Snow & Sport catalog?
Four times a year. We started to put the months on the front of the catalog so you’ll see when the next issue is coming!

If there was a candy-eating sport, would any of you make the finals? What sort of outfit would you make for that?
We’d eat our weight in candy and more! In fact, here’s a sketch we just created that we think would be awesome to wear if there were a candy eating sport (We know there’s no candy eating sport. This outfit is not in the catalog – it’s just for fun!).


Hmmm. Too bad there ISN’T (Meaning there is…)a sport like that! Let us know what you think! What sort of imaginative sporting outfits would you like to see in the Snow and Sport catalog?

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Candy Eating Sport? That was a Random thing to say right?
-Galileo Yu

About a thousand days away…over!!!

Hey everyone just wanted to know I am about to reach 1000 days on club penguin yup 1000!!!! As you might expect this means one thing…Party I will tell you date time etc later!


-Galileo Yu

Back to School Already? And A chance to have you chance to be featured on the site

Hey everyone!

So how was your summer vacation? I dont have to go to school ’till September 4 how bout you? also about the movie that i wanted to make i am putting it off until a sutiable date for all the actors that will join also i have to make more preporations soo ya pls put that in mind also i want to include audio but i am using hypercam2 anyone know how to have sound I will make anyone who tells me and i succsecfully do it  will be featured in the website so pls tell by commenting

-Galileo Yu