Looking For AMANZING Authors!

Hey guys!

Phase 2 of this blog is now underway and it’s looking for tons of blog authors! There are 4 Author Positions Avilible Here’s How you can become one!

Comment and Fill Out this Form is you want to become one!

Do you have a website?

What is your age?

What country do you live?

Do you have Blogging Experince?(You can send links to your best posts)

Anything Else you would like to include that will help you get this position?

Do you have a twitter?

What’s Your Email Adress So we Can Contact you?

And That’s about it! Please notice I won’t Publish any comments with this information!

Waddle on!

Blog “Underconstruction Phase” is Underway!

Hey penguins, my decision is to keep this blog open and there WILL be Author Positions Open soon!

I will put up the form where you can apply to become a Author!

And you can see out “Under Construction” header although I am not that expirence with WordPress I will try my best to make this blog look AWSOME!

So Tell everyone that this blog’s life isn’t over yet!

-Digo900 (New Owner)

This Blog is…..

Ummm, Hey Penguins!


I heard that unfortanaly Galileo Yu Quit CP and CP Blogging. And now He has made me a Admin pass over this blog. Well has I haven’t been posting is that I myself made a new blog. I couldn’t contact G and So I didn’t now what to do if to keep updating this blog or to make one myself and I have made one myself and been succesfull in the pathway of success. And as this is now in my blog….. this is my idea so far, keep this blog open and hired more authors  and well that’s pretty much it and the domain will change……Or make this blog a Mermory Club Penguin Blog. I will think about what to do with this blog.


And to Galileo Yu I want to thank you for letting me onto this path I have of Club Penguin Blogging Because it was you who helped me get better by hireing me.



Galileo Yu’s Final Post

Hey Everyone!

Given that I haven’t posted for like a year now I guess you guys assumed that I quit. I just wanted to make this official. As I got older, traveled around the globe a lot more I didn’t have time to continue this website with school work and such clogging my schedule. At the time I am writing this about 20,000 people over all have viewed this blog, about double the last time I posted on this site. I want to thank everyone who supported me and helped with this website. I will give administrative rights to my only active writer and editor on the site, he may do whatever he wants with this site. Club Penguin is about fun but is usually directed to the younger audience with money to burn ever since it came into the possession of the Disney Corporation, as a thirteen year old I found it got a little boring especially if you are not a member, think about the money you spend to be a member. You could have saved it and bought yourself something nice like a new video game or an Apple product. Just saying…
As I am writing this message at the Business Class Lounge in LAX, I remember my times playing Club Penguin, the memorable moments I spent playing online with my classmates since 3rd Grade, in a virtual you could interact with people all over the world friends in different parts of the world although now I use Facebook for that I enjoyed it while it lasted.  Thank you all again for supporting this site by visiting it and to my new administrator good luck!

Veni, Veci, Vici
(I came, I saw, I conquered)
“As you can never fully control anything sometimes you just have to let go…”

-Galileo Yu

System Defender- New Level!

Hello Penguins!


There was new updates to the System Defender with message from Dot!


And the new Level of system defender!



Looks like all of the 3 Pro bots that were Deactivated are once again running around Club penguin causing Chaos


Here the new Stamp When you Defeat the Level

stamp system


Also when you complete all Stamps you get 2 times the coins!



Waddle on!


Club Penguin Field Op 32 Cheats

Hey Everyone !

Heres the lasteds cheats check out his video made by me!!

Showing you how to complete the latest Field Ops

Please Subscribe to the Galileo Yu Official Youtube Channel


And Also Look at this message Rookie Send



Sounds like the Other Robots might be the “Helper’s”



New Postcards for Penguin Mail

Today also with all the updates for club penguin the penguin mail postcards were once updated heres the new ones:

Happy new year card

Look at the stamp lol it’s not straight and it’s not even april fools……

Hockey Card

just in time for the hockey season


and of course the updated can’t be complete without a few glitches lol


Glitch Postcards

The hockey card says “Season’s greeting” lol

Waddle ON!


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