Earth day Party, Pin, and an Interview with…Gary?!

Hey Everyone!

Club penguin released their latest pin. You can find the Frog Pin by going to the Dock on Club Penguin. Here is how to get the Frog Pin on Club Penguin.

  1. Log into Club Penguin.
  2. Open your map.
  3. Go to the Dock.
  4. Waddle over the Frog Pin.

Once you have waddled over this Frog Pin, a message will appear. Receive the frog Pin by pressing selecting, “Yes.” Here’s another image of the newest Club Penguin pin:

What do you think about the new Frog Pin? I wonder if Club penguin added this new pin because of the Earth day Party coming up. Frogs do control a big part of our Earth’s environment.

On April 22nd, 2010, Club Penguin will release their Earth Day Party. When this party arrives, there are going to be new free items given out to help you out on Earth Day. I worked hard to uncover a few sneak peeks for the upcoming Earth Day party free items. (I didn’t actually work hard  I just called my Club Penguin contact!)

Club Penguin Free Item – Watering Can:

During the Earth Day party we will have to work together to clean up the Mine on Club Penguin. There are 3 items that we believe will be released for this party to help us out during the major clean up. Let’s take a look at our first item:

Don’t you think this new possible free Watering Can item is going to be really sweet? We also has another sneak peek for you.

Club Penguin Free Item – Earth Rake:

Check out the Earth Rake that may be available at the Mine:

Club Penguin Free Item – Soil Bag:

I believe this new free Soil Bag item will be used to help plant new trees around the island. It will most likely be available at the Mine, check it out.

I’m sure Gary has some sort of planting and recycling station in store for us around the island.  I think this party will help kids learn about helping their environment and many other things. What do you think about these Earth Day party sneak peeks?

Gary will you please show us your plans?

Gary: Absolutely my friend!

Gary: How do you like it? The artificial wasted products go in here, the in and into funnelrmizer, and…

Galileo Yu: Um I completely understand you but maybe a little more simpiler for the younger kids?

Gary: Oh, ok trash goes here in the funnel and out comes new products here on the conveyer belt!

Galileo Yu: Thank you Gary!

So there you have it. ( Note the “Interview” is a new mechanic where I ask a famous computer controled penguin, like Gary, to tell me about the events using facts i already know)

-Galileo Yu

Orange Puffle, sports Catolog, and Rockhopper

Hey Everyone!

You are now able to purchase the Orange Puffle for 800 coins on Club Penguin! You can buy one for yourself at the Pet Shop in the Adopt a Puffle catalog. Here’s what it looks like:

The Orange Puffle is very curious, like the Red Puffle that is adventurous. When you purchase the Orange Puffle, you can do a special dance with it by pressing the D key on your keyboard. After that, the orange puffle will use a hula-hoop as a toy.

But, one thing Club Penguin forgot about is Puffle Roundup! The Orange Puffle has not yet been found in Puffle Roundup.

A brand new Club Penguin Snow & Sports catalog was released! Here are all of the cheats and hidden items in the new catalog.

Here’s how to find the Green Baseball Uniform & Cap:

1. Go to the 1st page of the catalog.
2. Click on the penguin with the green uniform & cap on.

Here’s how to find the Red Ball Cap:

1. Go to the 4th page of the catalog.
2. Click on the Pitcher’s Mound.

Those are all of the Club Penguin Cheats for the new February 2010 Snow & Sports catalog. Club Penguin has released a brand new collectible pin! Here’s how to find the newest Club Penguin pin.

1. Click on your map and go to the Ski Village.
2. Go inside the Ski Lodge and go toward the left of the room.
3. Click on the Wagon Pin that’s above the fireplace.

That’s how to find the new Wagon Pin on Club Penguin!

Last year, Club Penguin showed us a few sketches back from November 2005 when penguins never had pets. If you missed those sketches from last year, here they are again with some even more sketches included!

The name “Puffle” was actually decided by all of the penguins who voted on it a few years ago, too! A few of the sketches above are fairly close to the actual puffle that we see on Club Penguin now! What do you think?

The Migrator can now be seen through the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon! Wow, Rockhopper arrived kind of quickly, doesn’t it feel like it? Take a look for yourself:

-Galileo Yu

Stage Play and others

Hey Everyone!

Wow, have you checked out the Dojo Courtyard or Ninja Hideout lately? It looks like the volcano’s smoke is filling the Dojo Courtyard! I think they got that idea from the eruption of a volcano in the phillipines whose smoke went across the globe! anyways Check it out.



Also, if you go into the Dojo, you’ll notice that it’s a lot darker too! Also notice how in the Ninja Hideout, all of the ornaments are glowing! I think that it’s almost time for a brand new ninja journey to arrive to Club Penguin! Keep an eye out!

Today Club Penguin released a brand new pin! Here are the new Club Penguin Cheats for the new Football Pin. Check it out.

1. Log on to Club Penguin. Go to the Ski Lodge.
2. Go upstairs to the Lodge Attic.
3. Click on the new Football Pin.

Today Club Penguin released the “Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal” play at the Stage again! The cool part is, they have a new monster – Melmonst! Sweet, right?


There are no new Club Penguin Cheats that I know of for the new play. I think Club Penguin has stopped putting hidden item cheats in the Costume Trunk Catalogs! That stinks.

There are some brand new postcards on Club Penguin now! You can send these new Halloween postcards to your buddies on Club Penguin. Here are the new ones. Check it out.


Cool new postcards, right? I can’t wait until the Halloween party! It’s going to be awesome! Are you looking forward to it?

Today I found something very cool in the new issue of the Club Penguin Times today. I believe I know the colors for the upcoming Club Penguin Anniversary Party Hat. 

Here’s why I think that the colors will be dark green, yellow, and blue. If you check out the new newspaper, you will see a picture of the three colors on balloons. Check it out.


Cool, right? You will also notice in this older picture below from Club Penguin, the balloons match the colors of the party hat.


That about does it so bye

-Galileo Yu

P.S. Did you here they were going to bomb the moon?! actually they already did! also i got a new Cp toy a keychain of rockhopper (To  max: Mimo didnt post this Ha!!!)

Sensei Mountain (I thought Gary would know!)

Hey everyone!

I think you know why i posted late! if not one word: school

The New Pin is at the Coffee Shop, It’s a Padlock Pin:


new pin pic 2 9-27-09

Anyone say back to school?

Club Penguin Finally added the new music, before they said it was on September 21 but now they changed it to September 25 which is today!

Here are the 4 new music:

new igloo music 9-26-09

The 4 new igloo music are:

  • Campfire Song (lets gather round the campfire singing this campfire song C-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song sorry coudnt resist!)
  • Extra Anchovies
  • All the Fun of The Fall Fair
  • Spicy Salsa

All of the music are great!

New Nespaper:

club penguin times #206 pic 1 9-23-09

The Upcoming Events:

club penguin times #206 pic 2 9-23-09

The review for all this fire stuff:

club penguin times #206 pic 3 9-23-09

So basicly Sensei was collecting all the firery stuff for the Volcano to erupt! Also Sensei said that we will train the great Volcano! ( Cant help this but told ya so!)

Here is the interview:

Q: Is this smoke we’re seeing coming from a volcano? Or is it a mountain?

A: At first I thought it might be the Tallest Mountain, but it can’t be. After all, there are taller mountains surrounding the one that’s smoking. And when you think about it, it must be a volcano! Most of the mountains on Club Penguin have snow on the top of them, but that mountain has never had any snow on it.

Q: Does this have anything to do with the ninja stuff that’s happening?

A: Well I can’t give away all our secrets, but I’ve noticed that the ninjas in Club Penguin have been very active lately!

Q: Um…Haven’t you noticed that there’s no TREAT shop on the map?

A: I suppose there are no treat shops, but if you ever need to satisfy your sweet tooth go to the kitchen at the Pizza Parlor and turn the big red lever on the Pizzatron 3000!

Wait Treat shop??? O__O

-Galileo YuIF You Need Help Finding the Fire Svanger Hunt Items

Happy77 Sports Catolog Interview!

Hey Everyone!

An interview abou the sports catolog was just realesed (I edited in stuff that are in parenthisis) look:

Greetings Penguins!

We’re excited that Friday is just around the corner because there’s a brand new Snow & Sport catalog that’ll be released in the Sport Shop. I wanted to know a bit more about that catalog so I asked someone who works on it. Here goes:

How often do you make a new Snow & Sport catalog?
Four times a year. We started to put the months on the front of the catalog so you’ll see when the next issue is coming!

If there was a candy-eating sport, would any of you make the finals? What sort of outfit would you make for that?
We’d eat our weight in candy and more! In fact, here’s a sketch we just created that we think would be awesome to wear if there were a candy eating sport (We know there’s no candy eating sport. This outfit is not in the catalog – it’s just for fun!).


Hmmm. Too bad there ISN’T (Meaning there is…)a sport like that! Let us know what you think! What sort of imaginative sporting outfits would you like to see in the Snow and Sport catalog?

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Candy Eating Sport? That was a Random thing to say right?
-Galileo Yu