Blog “Underconstruction Phase” is Underway!

Hey penguins, my decision is to keep this blog open and there WILL be Author Positions Open soon!

I will put up the form where you can apply to become a Author!

And you can see out “Under Construction” header although I am not that expirence with WordPress I will try my best to make this blog look AWSOME!

So Tell everyone that this blog’s life isn’t over yet!

-Digo900 (New Owner)

This Blog is…..

Ummm, Hey Penguins!


I heard that unfortanaly Galileo Yu Quit CP and CP Blogging. And now He has made me a Admin pass over this blog. Well has I haven’t been posting is that I myself made a new blog. I couldn’t contact G and So I didn’t now what to do if to keep updating this blog or to make one myself and I have made one myself and been succesfull in the pathway of success. And as this is now in my blog….. this is my idea so far, keep this blog open and hired more authors  and well that’s pretty much it and the domain will change……Or make this blog a Mermory Club Penguin Blog. I will think about what to do with this blog.


And to Galileo Yu I want to thank you for letting me onto this path I have of Club Penguin Blogging Because it was you who helped me get better by hireing me.