Puffle Mania

Hey everyone!

 There is a new post on the Club Penguin blog about puffles! It was a reviewed by you, from a big Club Penguin fan! Last week Club Penguin asked how you’d been able to help others in need, and the staff was really proud of all the responses the community gave.

Bubishii said: “In our local comunity I help find lost pets and look after stray animals. In Club Penguin I help penguins who don’t know how to do stuff. I also try to help resolve disagreements. Its really great to hear the money we raised has made a difference! Waddle on! & have fun!”

Sounds great, Bubishii! You must be a really great Puffle owner! On the other hand, why are there so much events going on with puffles? What’s new posts, Upcoming Events 2010, Puffle Catalog, and much more! What do you think is going on with puffles around the island? The refrence in mission ten?

 This week’s newspaper is awesome! It talks a lot about the new playing coming to Club Penguin called, “Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest.” Overall, it comes with great info about the Cave Expedition and much more! Let’s start reading.

Upcoming Events Arriving To Club Penguin:

  • February 5th, New Penguin Style Catalog!
  • February 11th,  New Pin Coming To Club Penguin!
  • February 12th, New Puffle Furniture!
  • February 12th, “Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest” Arrives At The Stage!

I am looking forward to these upcoming events! I am interested to see how the “Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest” goes. I think it will be very spooky/cool! What did you think about the Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #224?

Galileo Yu

Mission 11 “You Decide!” and Mystery Agent

Hello Everyone!

 Club Penguin Just announced a you decide contest for Mission 11 These are the objects you can vote on:


To vote Click here

Also club penguin is working on an agent to help you in the future:


I wish we could design our own outfits like the mpcs of clubpenguin anyway she looks like agent dot from Epf ,though she has a better outfit and hair style.

do you think she is dot or a different person? 

-Galileo Yu