New Postcards for Penguin Mail

Today also with all the updates for club penguin the penguin mail postcards were once updated heres the new ones:

Happy new year card

Look at the stamp lol it’s not straight and it’s not even april fools……

Hockey Card

just in time for the hockey season


and of course the updated can’t be complete without a few glitches lol


Glitch Postcards

The hockey card says “Season’s greeting” lol

Waddle ON!


My title

page contents

New Pin!!! Party Favors Newspaper

1. open your map on the ski hill

3. then click the party favor pin




Party Favors Pin

And the you have Check out the newspaper Aunt Artic’s New years Resolution

Aunt Artic's New Year Resolution

Hapy New year Message from CP

Upcoming Events

Me and Firework Puffle


And an Early Happy new years!

Waddle ON!



Field Op 29 !!!!

Heres how to complete the latest club penguin field op #29

Step 1.Click on your spy gadget

step “go there”

step field op board

step 4. Click “Accept field op”

Field Op 29

Step your map

Step 6.go to forrest

step 7. Go up to the hidden lake go to the old aqua grabber your spy gadget should turn green

step up your spy gadget and complete the puzzle

Aqua Graber Field Op

Tada your done if you’re a menber then you can earn a piece of clothing if you’re a nonmenber you might have earn the elite protector stamp!

Waddle On!