Club Penguin 2011 Events Leaked

Credit To Mondo912

Heres a Pic


CP Leaks

Heres the list


1. Brown Puffle released 

2. 1 Phone phase 1.a

3.Parent Pa Beta Test

4.EPF System Deffender

5.Help Station

6.Translated Book games

7.Expedition Party



1.Puffle Party

2.St. Patricks Day Party???

3.Iphone Phase 1.b


I’ll post more later Of you could just look at the pic if you can’t wait



Am I Taking Over????…..

Hey everyone it’s me Digo900

I  know how idle I been not to update this blog. my computer broke down but now I got a new laptop for xmas Smile and it’s gonna be a whole lot easier to make videos,take pics and update you on the lates CP secrets cheats and tips!

so please tell EVERYONE to vist this blog I would like to see high visitor numbers here!

I havent talk to G but if your reading this please leave a comment!