Anneversery Party!

Hello everyone,

The New Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Party Is Here! And as you know the Yearbook is also here! here you will find about all that amazing events that happened this year! Take a look:


Now from all of those pages this one is my favorite “The Dance Contest”


Cool huh? I think the new hat looks like the Beta hat dont you think? I kinda like it but its not the best one they have released dont you think? anyways make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Click the pinata on the top of the roof and make sure to hit it well for the hat to appear!


Anyway thats it busy as always at school i had to write a nine page story but i had to write 11 pages because my story wont fit in nine and not to mention the story was based on a dream i had…And everybody liked it

-Galileo Yu

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