Stage Play and others

Hey Everyone!

Wow, have you checked out the Dojo Courtyard or Ninja Hideout lately? It looks like the volcano’s smoke is filling the Dojo Courtyard! I think they got that idea from the eruption of a volcano in the phillipines whose smoke went across the globe! anyways Check it out.



Also, if you go into the Dojo, you’ll notice that it’s a lot darker too! Also notice how in the Ninja Hideout, all of the ornaments are glowing! I think that it’s almost time for a brand new ninja journey to arrive to Club Penguin! Keep an eye out!

Today Club Penguin released a brand new pin! Here are the new Club Penguin Cheats for the new Football Pin. Check it out.

1. Log on to Club Penguin. Go to the Ski Lodge.
2. Go upstairs to the Lodge Attic.
3. Click on the new Football Pin.

Today Club Penguin released the “Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal” play at the Stage again! The cool part is, they have a new monster – Melmonst! Sweet, right?


There are no new Club Penguin Cheats that I know of for the new play. I think Club Penguin has stopped putting hidden item cheats in the Costume Trunk Catalogs! That stinks.

There are some brand new postcards on Club Penguin now! You can send these new Halloween postcards to your buddies on Club Penguin. Here are the new ones. Check it out.


Cool new postcards, right? I can’t wait until the Halloween party! It’s going to be awesome! Are you looking forward to it?

Today I found something very cool in the new issue of the Club Penguin Times today. I believe I know the colors for the upcoming Club Penguin Anniversary Party Hat. 

Here’s why I think that the colors will be dark green, yellow, and blue. If you check out the new newspaper, you will see a picture of the three colors on balloons. Check it out.


Cool, right? You will also notice in this older picture below from Club Penguin, the balloons match the colors of the party hat.


That about does it so bye

-Galileo Yu

P.S. Did you here they were going to bomb the moon?! actually they already did! also i got a new Cp toy a keychain of rockhopper (To  max: Mimo didnt post this Ha!!!)